Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Celebrate good times.....Come On.

As some of you know....I have the blessing on living with a family, my family. My brother and his wife, as well as my two nephews...the eldest is two, followed by a three month old. It's actually a very good set up, I have my own space, but have the joy of having my life intertwined with a family, with children.

Last night, I was running water for a bubble bath, when Jonas decided he wanted to 'pee on the poddy.' Thats fine, usually he sits there and pretends to pee, and then goes on his merry little way.

But last night was different....I was waiting for him to pretend finish peeing, so I could send him out.....but when he stood up.............there was pee! Glory be, there was pee!!
We both began to yell and scream, and proceeded to run into the other room (him stark naked, me not) to share the wonderful news of pee. How everyone in the house rejoiced, and celebrated. Now this isnt the first time, he has peed on the poddy, but everytime in our house is a celebration.
Now, work with me here as I segue into spiritual meaning. I don't think we understand how much God loves us, and celebrates everytime we are obedient, or 'finally' get something. If love my nephew enough to jump up and down and yell and dance, everytime he goes poddy, then how much more the One who created us, the One who created love, get excited for us.
This year has been a year of change for me, not always without challenge....and yet, to know that God is cheering me on, celebrating my victories; just makes it all the more important that I continue.....makes me want to continue.

By the way, another victory this morning....another pee on the poddy....and yes, we celebrated.

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