Saturday, May 22, 2010

Would You Pray With Me?

Tonight I just feel like praying.....

God, here I am, I thank you for this day. I thank you for family, and for being able to live in your peace. I thank you for your provision this day. I thank you for my friends, who are the family that you have provided for me, for all of us.
Father forgive me this day, for the things I have done that have grieved your heart.
Lord, I ask for your blessing on those praying along with me tonight. I ask for your peace from things that are distracting us from You this day, life's complications. I pray for clarity for all of us. I ask for wisdom as we seek to be obedient to your will, and I ask that you would show us your best for us....and we would live in that.
Thank you for your grace. I don't deserve your grace on me...and yet it covers my foolish pride, wiping away the dirt from my eyes. Your mercy covers me, us.
We praise you God, humbly we praise you.
love ya,


  1. Aaaamen. Thanks Robyn, we all needed that. ;)

  2. told ya you had a gift ;) amen

  3. Amen-this prayer is great because it works for all of our lives.


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