Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Flyer

This morning I was on the phone with a friend.....when she blurted out....."I just have trouble trusting."

Ah, don't we all.

I was listening today to an online sermon, in which the pastor spoke of a story in one of Henri Nouwen's books.

Its about trapeze artists. He was able to spend some time with some trapeze artists and got to know a little about their craft, their art, as it were.

Apparently there is a flyer and a catcher. Wow....sounds like some charismatic churches I know. The catcher's job is to....wait for it....catch the person flying....the one who lets go.....and the flyer.....somewhat self explanatory. It is the flyer's job to let go and be caught.

Here in lies the rub......when they are teaching the flyer to fly, they are taught to close their eyes and let go. It is not their job to grab on to the other person, just to be caught. In fact, it is more dangerous for them to try and help the catcher. One wrong grab, and bye bye flyer. You just have to close your eyes and trust.


In the Bible, we see so many people who obey and trust. In 1 Kings, there is the story of Elijah asking the widow for food.
The widow is one of the lowest members of society, she has nothing, and yet he has the audacity to ask her for not only water, but also asks her to make him some bread.
She replies by telling him that she only has enough flour and oil at home to make one last piece of bread for her and her son to share, and then they will die. Elijah explains that as long as she makes the bread, her flour jar will not go empty and her oil jar will not go dry, until it rains and the crops grow.

Now, if I were that woman, I may actually give this man the finger (if they did that back then), go home to my son, eat and wait for death.
But.....she obeys. She trusts. And God honors.
And they do not go hungry....and there is flour and oil as long as needed.

So....the moral of this story? Are you hungry? Are you in need? Are you being obedient to what God calls you to?

Close your eyes and let go, isn't that what trust is all about?

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