Saturday, May 29, 2010

There Is A River - Gaither Vocal Band

Tomorrow in our church, we will be speaking on how our past can limit our future. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be sharing a bit of my past.
Today, as I have spent some time preparing, this song keeps coming to mind......especially the second verse.
The woman at the well.
I am that woman.....and in reality, it doesn't matter if you are male or female, you too, are that woman. You life is ruined and wasted, and your soul is bound for meet the Master. I know that so many of you have....and you will never thirst again.
And so tonight, if you wouldn't mind, could you please pray for the other women at the well...who haven't met the Master yet?
Thanks, good night.

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  1. Robyn, I'm praying and will continue to as the morning approaches. There are so many who are parched and thirsty, dehydrated, disoriented. They need to reach the river. I trust some of those will receive from the life-giving water that is found in Jesus as you share tomorrow.


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