Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Ripple Effect

On Friday night, I was due to arrive home from my trip at around 11pm. When we arrived at the Orlando Airport, we were informed that my flight would be delayed by one hour, due to health issues with a pilot.
This would cause my first plane to land as my connecting flight was taking off. There were no apologies, no sucking up, just the facts. There was however a contingency plan.....if I did miss my original flight, I would be on the next one......12 hours later.....the next day.
And so, we boarded our plane armed with prayers and a map to the next gate and the hope that somehow, somewhere, what the flight attendant said was true......they 'may' hold the plane for us.
Three hours of planning, throwing myself to the front of the plane as soon as the seat belt sign went out, and running like the wind....well actually my colleague ran, and I ran until I found a guy in a cart, who drove like a maniac.
We got to the gate, breathless, Marcia shaking hands with a heart attack, and plane less. Apparently they didn't wait.
After I administered first aid (to Marcia) we made our way back to the Delta ticket booth, where we were given an over sized tee, toothbrush, sample deodorant and a hotel room.
I looked around the airport and noticed at least 20 people, who too, were on our plane and missed their connections.
As I lay in bed that night, I couldn't help but wonder about that pilot. Why was he sick? Stomach flu, headache, bad poops, what? What's the deal.........
Did he need a doctor's note? At least 20 people who's flights were missed, who needed new flights, who were put up in a hotel and given meal vouchers.....that adds up.
Not to mention all the people who were affected by the fact that their loved ones didn't show up on time.....delayed reunions, missed meetings, etc.
So many, were effected by one man.
The same can be said about Jesus.
One man, effected the entire world, effected the future of every person, who has been born, or who will be born. One man. And instead of calling in sick.....He made the most difficult trip of His life.....the trip to the cross. Instead of delaying, He understood His calling, and was obedient and timely in His response.

I wonder about my ripple effect. Who am I effecting, that I don't even know, or realize or recognize. Humbles me a bit, scares me a lot......
What about you?

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