Thursday, May 06, 2010

Plastic Grass

Every morning, when I go walking, I pass a house that has the most beautiful grass you have ever seen. In rain, in sun and yes even in snow (which is most of the time) ....this grass is the greenest, lushest grass in Saskatoon......probably in Saskatchewan.
I have even taken pictures of this grass on my phone to show my family, how beautiful it is. It is truly beautiful grass.

Now when I first noticed the grass, I would marvel at how well they took care of their the snow started to melt, I wondered what fertilizer they had used to make is sooo green. I would always slow down when walking by this house.....bending a little to look at the grass, but not stopping, as I didn't want to appear to be a grass stalker.

And then at one point, the realization're and idiot....that grass is plastic. Fake, unreal.....and gorgeous.

Last night, I was reading in 1st Peter, where it talks about women having inner beauty, as opposed to decorating themselves with things to make them beautiful on the outside.

This causes me to ponder a bit. I am, well, in a word........ vain. I like looking nice, my toe nails are never un-painted, I groom.....and go to great lengths to groom. I color, I tweeze, I wax, I apply, I decorate.....and try my best....most of the time, to look good. I enjoy the mirror, if only to make sure that everything is in place.

Does this take away from inner beauty? Do we even focus on inner beauty? And if not, how do we start?

I spent some time with one of my best friends last week in Orlando, and this topic came we were sitting by the pool. I don't really think about inner beauty, and so it surprised me when she brought it up.........we as a rule, are not conditioned to think about inner-gorgeousness.
I was raised in a place, where children were not taught to be confident in their God-given abilities, because that is prideful and pride...we all know....comes before a fall. And so, if unable to focus on my strengths.....I focused on my hair (nice hey?)

How do we then teach this to our young women? How do we teach them to be confident in themselves and not only their looks. I think its okay, to look present your best self....but how can we show them the big picture, the whole self?

Today, I have no answers, only questions.........


  1. These are good questions~ tough questions. Especially in this generation that is so "me-saturated" and focussed on the outward appearance.
    I tell my kids, all of them, to be who you are wherever you are. Meaning, that I expect them to be the same with their friends, with their family, with their teachers, out in public, in private~ be the same. Don't be phony or fake; people will figure it out, eventually. I don't like it when I see young girls who are teasing girls who don't wear nice clothes or have properly groomed hair, make-up, whatever but then when they're home (or at church) they come off as being so kind and nice. I tell my girls that these are the type of people who lose friends and lose integrity which is way more important. Just be who you are , all the time.

  2. Oh, sweetheart... I hear you! Not many answers from me, but I just re-read a letter from 1987 that still speaks truth to me. God doesn't make junk and gave everything to show His love for us. That means our outsides and insides are lovable, just as they are. I'm learning, oh so slowly, that I just need to be me. I need to keep learning and growing closer to God, but NOTHING I do or don't do makes God love me less. Thanks for expressing yourself so well.

  3. Robyn, I hear what you're saying and understand all too well. Even when we believe we're putting the emphasis on our inner beauty or inner self, we all seem to end up making the same mistake. We envision our outer self as a reflection of our inner self and this isn't always true. It's hard enough to figure this out within yourself, but when you have to decipher others, it often is too hard to be sure you know what you're getting. Being honest and truthful with yourself and others is harder than we think. In this day and age (which, I'm sure, other generations have lamented as well) the pressure to use our outer self and sex appeal is very difficult to ignore. We rail against the chains holding women down, yet we perpetuate the system ourselves. How do we get past this? The only way is with Christ's help and a lot of self-honesty. Is it difficult? You bet. Is it worth it? You bet. Am I there yet? Not likely. But, I'll keep trying. Please keep up the good work, both in your personal and professional life. I really enjoy this blog and the odd chance when we meet up.

    - Laurie L (Amanda's Mom)


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