Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Passion

Confession time......I have never seen "The Passion of the Christ." I have never been able to bring myself to watch it. I've heard about it, seen snippets on YouTube, but never actually watched it.......and really struggle with bringing myself to do so. I feel sometimes like a sissy, like a chicken, I am embarrassed that I have never seen it....but, I am scared. I don't tell many people that I haven't seen it...well until now, I guess.

Yesterday in my reading, I was taken to the last supper, and then....the crucifixion.....
My first thought while reading the last supper was this......did these guys have any clue? I doubt it. When he took the bread and said, "this is my body...." what were they thinking? That their Jesus was going a little overboard? That yes, he was making a point...but, well.....really? Really Jesus? We get it.....but did they?
Later, when Jesus went to pray and took Peter, James and John to keep watch for him, I believe their understanding was clear.....they didn't get it. They fell asleep. Do you think...that if you had any clue that your best friend was about to be killed, that you would fall into peaceful slumber.....I'd hope not.

But the thing that tears at my heart the most.....that causes me to search my own heart is this.
After Jesus died, and he was laid in a borrowed grave......after the Sabbath, the women went to take care of his body.....to dress it with spices, to care for it.

I know I've spoken of this before, but every time, it get's me.

The One who they had pinned all their hopes and dreams on. The One who said he was King. The One who would make a difference in their lives......dead.......and with his death....the death of their desires, their hope, their future. Dead. They didn't know he had arisen. They didn't know that their future was secured. They only knew, that once again, they had been disappointed...... And yet.....they went....they went to care for the body of their master.....their Savior. Unconditional love. Human devotion.

And that......pulls at my heart. These women, who in grief, chose to remain faithful to their King.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.


  1. I watched The Passion, once, in the theatre. I remember after watching it Jason and I left the theatre and could hardly say anything to each other. I went home and I remember my parents asked me how it was. I couldn't even describe it to them. I couldn't say it was 'good'.....didn't know what to call it. I don't really have any desire to watch it again. It definitely gave some powerful visuals of what it is like for someone to go through what Jesus did.....but I don't think there is any reason a person has to watch it.

  2. Well said Robyn and some food for thought.
    Unconditional LOVE and Human devotion.
    Jackie B

  3. I love all your blogs Robyn, they always bring out something more to think about.
    I saw the Passion twice and I forced myself to watch all the horrible scences because I felt that it gave me a visual (me being a visual learner) a glimpse of what Christ went through for me...for my sins. It was very well done (as much as you can say for such a movie) and a watcher at least once if you can bring yourself to watch it. :)


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