Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Man

There has been one man in my life, who I felt, cherished me. He held the door for me constantly. He always listened to what I had to say. He bought me special things, he knew I'd appreciate. He talked to me about Jesus. He loved me unconditionally.
This was a different relationship, ours. Our secrets and jokes, our confiding to each other on the phone sometimes late at night.

He was an influential man. Someone who did much for the Kingdom work. He baptized, married, buried, counseled, led to the Lord, helped reconciliation and on, and on, and on. He was a Reverend, a pastor, an evangelist, a missionary, a musician, a farmer, a husband and father. He was my legacy.

He was my grampa.

Six years ago today, the memory is still clear for me, as I was sitting on the edge of his bed, sobbing while he comforted me about Heaven and made me promise to sing at his funeral. Oh, how that broke my heart....and yet I promised.

It was only a few short hours later, that, as I sat at that very edge of the bed, he took his last breath on earth, and went to be with his King. I can't begin to comprehend that celebration.

Some days, this world seems so is one of those days. I understand leaning into Jesus. I understand laying it all at the altar. I understand dying to myself. But today....seems weary.
For me, at least. For Grampa.....I highly doubt it.


  1. Your grandpa was a very special man.

    He baptized me :)

  2. You've been blessed to have such a legacy. Sounds like he was an amazing man. He would be very proud of you.

    Donna xoxo


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