Sunday, May 02, 2010

No witty repetoire tonight

It's late. And yet, I find myself here, with you.
It's been a crazy week, ending in an unexpected layover in Minneapolis, Mn.....without luggage. But survival of the fittest kicked in, and I did nicely with my over sized Delta Tee, and the disposable deodorant and toothbrush.

Lots floating in my mind today, lots to think about....I will expand eventually, but tonight.....given the opportunity.....I would just like to sit with one......Jesus.

Tonight, I would like to be held in His arms. Tonight as we rest, I would like to ask Him things, what He thinks I should do, where He thinks I should go.....whatever, even small talk. Tell Him how cool it was to look upon His creation as I saw things this week, I have never before seen.
Tell Him, how amazing it felt to feel the arms of my nephew around my neck, when I got home this morning....that unconditional love, an indescribable feeling.

Tonight I feel a bit broken, I would tell Him that, but he already knows. I understand, that I am overtired.....but I also understand, as in times in the past, being broken hurts, but it means being remade, more in the image of the Creator......and believe me, that is what I want. Living this life in my own strength is not worth it. Making decisions in my own strength.....I've done it, it doesn't work.
And so....breaking it is, although not easy, hopefully will make me more beautiful.....and I will more represent the One who made me.

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