Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been thinking Joshua again..... and the crossing of the Jordan. I love this story, because so many times, so many of us find ourselves in that very place.....stuck, not knowing what the future holds....or if we will even make it through this crossing.

So, imagine with me if you will......Joshua and all his peeps.....the Israelites, finally get to the place where they will cross into the promise land. Oh, how we all want to go there. The thing is this.....its harvest time, and during harvest, the river is at flood if you are strong enough to cross over, if you can fight the current and can make it.....fantastic....but what about the rest of them....what about the rest of us.....broken, bad knees, elderly, babies in are we supposed to cross?

The Bible says that the water stopped flowing a town called Adam. Now you and I know that water does not stop flowing from upstream......the water was cut off. Wow, you say, that's cool..... I would totally walk across then! Really, would you? You see the water, piling up........and you are supposed to make this journey, when you are not sure at anytime, when the water will 'un-pile' and you will drown.

Adam. The town Adam, was about 20 miles upstream from where they crossed. So, in fact, they did not see the water piling up and stopping and they were able to cross without so much fear and lack of faith. They just crossed.

My point? God was working upstream. They didn't see Him do it. They didn't see it happen.....but.....God was working upstream. How many times, do I not believe that God is working, because I can't see it. The thing of it is.......sometimes the God of the universe, the one who knows the number of hairs on your head (if you still have hair) is working upstream in your life. You can't see it, you can't hear it.....but 20 miles away.....there He is....working. And so in moments where you can't see, and you don't understand.....He's just working upstream.

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