Friday, May 21, 2010

Do You know the Muffin Man?

I love ebay. I am trying and have done quite well, at curtailing my ebay purchasing, but.............

Last year I purchased a 'lot' of clothing, with a designer dress, two designer skirts and a pair of O'Neil capris. Very cool. With shipping......I believe it was under $20. Not bad hey?

Very excitedly I awaited my parcel, and was thrilled......until......I tried on the clothes. The dress,however beautiful....will never fit some parts of my get my drift? I still need to ask Lori if she wants it.

The skirts were great, but then the last item, the capris.....well technically, I could get them up.....but alas, my muffin top was so large.....I looked a bit like a brown plaid Grimace. (just in case you forgot) I think you get the picture.
I did love those capris....brown plaid. Awesome.
I pulled out my summer stuff the other day, and saw them once again.....last night I tried them on to see how the fit....and they did. Now still a bit snug.....but so much better! I asked my mom's opinion, and she hemmed and hawed, like she does, not sure about how 'tight' they should mother's standard answer.
And this is what I said. "I don't like your answer, I'm going upstairs to ask Heidi."
And so I did. And Heidi said they did look really good, good bum...and that yes, they were a bit snug, but they would stretch out.
How many times do we say that to God? I don't like your answer, I am going somewhere else. If you know me, if you know my past, then you know...that has been my standard answer to God's response to me.
Until recently. Like a child I have begged and begged for things, and in the past several years, God has replied, although not to my satisfaction. And normally, I say, 'I don't like your answer', and do my own thing anyway. It has only been in these last few months, where I am learning to accept His answer.... very cool. He continues to talk to me. The more I accept His answer, the more He is coaxing me along, with promises, and parables and puzzle pieces. Now I am not saying this is always easy.....but looking back on this journey, reading my journal, it amazes me who He is creating me to be.
Yesterday was a difficult day for me. In the past I would have filled my life with temporary pleasures,(IE chocolate, and shoe shopping) but yesterday, I sat with my Jesus....and it was good. There was understanding there. Compassion, and even hope.
As for the plaid pants.....they did loosen up...and they are feeling really good now......

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