Friday, May 14, 2010

Come to Jesus Meetin

A few years ago, when I was actively involved in the youth youth, my kids.......there was a boy there.
And oh, how I loved that boy. He was repectful and helpful and kind and gracious.....he would do anything for you....and you could trust him with anything. He was the only boy in youth group who I trusted with my car keys.
He was always there early to help set up, he was always there at the end to clean up. He had a heart of gold, which he wore frequently, on his sleeve.
He was funny, smart, giving and loving. When we went on the missions trip to the Mexican orphanage, he was the first to be walking around with kids hanging off him, or to play soccer, or to make sure the kids were getting food. I loved him.....(still do actually, although now he is a grown up with a wife and a child)

The only thing about this boy..........he had yet to make a decison for Christ. He was open about it. He was honest about it. We would have deep discussions about God, and then at the end.....he would not commit....and I would be frustrated.

I remember one time....I actually said to him, "I wish, I could grab you by the ear, and drag you kicking and screaming to the feet of Jesus!"
And I remember his response....his sad smile........"Well, you could.....but until I'm ready, it wouldn't matter."

He accepted Christ the summer after graduation. I can still remember that Sunday after he made his choice.....I saw him walking towards me after the service...with a grin on his face......."I finally did it," he said.
And with that, I threw my arms around him ( I could do that, because by then he was over 18, and the 'Because we Care' policy was null and void.).....and celebrated his decision and God's goodness.

He finally had his 'Come to Jesus, meetin"

I realized this morning on the way to work....I....needed a 'Come to Jesus meetin.'
So many times we meet with God, lay it all at His feet, give it all to Him.......and then the next morning.....pick it all back up again. We die to ourselves one day, only to revive ourselves the next.

And so this the car.....with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing in the back ground......I had a come to Jesus meetin.......and made the decision to have one tomorrow too....and the next day....and the next.

What's your 'Come to Jesus meetin' about?


  1. this makes me smile. good memories. enough said.

  2. I love every time you post, they are always exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment.


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