Sunday, April 04, 2010

Where's Waldo

Well actually this could be titled, “Where’s Reuben?”
Today I decided to go and visit my father’s grave. If you know me, you know that this is not something I would think of doing. But these past few days......I have felt the nudge, the urge to go. I’ve only been, once before, through the coaxing (well actually nagging in love) of a friend. And so, the plan today, after church, to pick up Ruby, some left over ham and head to the country.
I had been given directions from a friend of the family. An old friend........and old friend who thought I knew the area. He was wrong.
I started to get a bit nervous about going alone, so I bribed myself with the promise of Indian food for dinner. Okay, I agreed, good bribe. So, I set out, GVB blaring (out of respect for my father), Ruby on my lap, and ham in the passenger’s seat. My confidence built as I followed the directions carefully, and seemed to be on the right track.

My confidence waned, as I continued to drive down this dirt road, which had no end. I should have spotted the grave yard by now. My confidence waned even further, when the road was blocked by a flock of Canadian geese. I stopped. What do I do? Where am I? For the love, Saskatchewan is on a grid, how hard can this be.
Defeat started to creep in and I did what any girl would do.....I called a man. My brother encouraged me to keep looking and gave me some landmarks to look for. I turned around and began going back along the road, still seeing nothing. I put on my glasses, to ensure that I wouldn’t miss anything.....and then became one of those people who put their sunglasses over their glasses. I’ve never liked those people.......and now.....I’d become one.

That seems to be a very common prayer for me.

And there before me, stood an angel of the Lord. Well I am not talking about a glowing dress and big shiny wings.....but there in the road, a little way up, was a man walking, who I had not seen before on this deserted road. So, let’s call him and angel.....disguised in an 80’s green windbreaker and aviator glasses.
I pulled in front of him, (took off one pair of glasses) and got out of my car. “I’m looking for the Chortitz Cemetery,” I said. He smiled, and pointed behind him, on the opposite side of the road on which I had been travelling. And there it was. Right in front of my face. I smiled and thanked him.
And so, after turning the car around, and driving a kilometre, I arrived.
At this point, I wasn’t sure what to do. I am unfamiliar with the protocol of grave visiting. I felt bad for not bringing flowers or something, but knowing my dad, he would have preferred liquorice. So, I did what I do in every situation where I am uncomfortable; I put on lipstick. Surely, these people would deserve the respect of me looking my best.
I got out of the car, plopping Ruby to the ground, and together we made our way to the resting place of my dad, and my grandparents....all in a row. Ruby stopped of course to pee on John Reimer.....because after all it had been a long trip.
I stood, not saying anything, because in all honesty, I don’t really get any satisfaction out of it.....I mean, no one is listening, they aren’t there. I stood before these three, and began to understand my pilgrimage. I needed to understand the legacy I am leaving. I needed to understand the legacy that I am carrying forward, from them, for them.
These were three imperfect people, who were obedient to God. These were people who sometimes neglected their family for service to their King, and I understand that. As I continue to grow and learn more about who I am, I need to understand that these were people who did their best by me, and I carry forward their legacy of obedience.
I sense that times, they are a changing and God is moving in mighty’s a good thing, I'm learning this lesson now, here in the middle of nowhere, so that when God calls, when God moves, I am ready.
And now, for some Indian food.

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  1. I love the part about Ruby peeing on John would have been rather poetic if it was John Friesen, but a John is a John no matter where it is! And the lipstick was definitely a nice touch! :)


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