Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

I'm having a great day. Went out this morning with two great friends, plans later, its all going great.

And so, in my joy, I wanted to pass it on. I was driving through Tim Horton's parking lot (and no I didn't win) when I noticed a very dear friend sitting inside. He and his wife have been very close to me for several years. So, I promptly did, what I will do, and grabbed my cell phone to call him.

In my most sultry, sexy throaty voice, came these words, "I'm watching you."
"Pardon?" came the reply.
"I'm watching you." I whispered.

It was at this point of the conversation, that I realized that this was not Justin's voice. My head jerked back to see if I could still see him......and can you imagine......his phone was NOT to his ear.
It was with sheer horror that I hung up, and threw the phone down. What did I do? Who did I call? They will call me back. Panic set in, as my friend in the passengers seat tried to understand the sequence of events. Finally I explained the wrong number.

We drove for a while, when I finally had the nerve to call back. I needed to apologize...or something, because it was Justin's number, but Justin was not at the other end. What if it were his dad?
I called, and got the same voice.......and proceeded to apologize for my behavior. (why do I always get myself into these things?) He was very understanding....and explained that this had been Justin's work phone, and since he had changed jobs...the phone stayed with the company.

Oops. Okay, lesson learned here. I hope.


  1. hahahaha-hilarious!
    I've totally done similar in saying inappropriate things at completely inappropriate times. Live and learn....and learn again. Ouch, it hurts don't it!

  2. *trying to pick himself up off the ground from laughing so hard*

    Now THAT'S funny! I don't care who you are ... that's just funny right there! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Yes Robyn,
    You made my day with that one. I like the idea of you throwing the phone down... like that is going to help your embarassment. Very funny Rob


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