Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marshmellow Peanuts

I sit here, needing an intervention.....feeling quite disgusted with myself. Almost a whole bag of marshmallow peanuts, down my cake-hole. I feel sick.....and yet, I keep eating.

I've been sitting here tonight, and as I gorge myself on marshmallowy goodness, my thoughts keep circling around a realization. Women need help.

Now I know that if you are a man, reading this, you would really like to make a wise crack....well show some self control....and keep it closed.

In the past few weeks, I've had an opportunity to speak and also to be sought out by a few women....women who are hurting, and tired, and not sure how to move forward. These women come from all walks of life, married, unmarried, with children, without. The common denominator.......they just want life to be different. Better. Fuller, less failure. More love and acceptance.
Some of these women have relationships with God, some don't. Some know how to pray, some don't.....but most of us, we need to learn how to listen. Listen to what God is telling us.....

On November 4,2008, God told me to do something about it. And...although I help women on a regular basis, I ignored His call, because it just seemed like hard work, too hard. Someone recently likened me to Moses, and all his excuses. That was not received well in my spirit. Well, sorry for the delay, but here I am, ready to go.
And so I ask that you would pray for me, as I embark on this challenge before me. Pray that God will be clear in His desire for me. Pray that I would understand His call....and pray that I can get'ur done.


  1. I have been doing that too....not doing what God has told me. Thank you for reminding me and yes, I will be praying for you.

  2. Hunh? We're all human; male, female, and saint (see Hebrews). "Being perfect" is not about being flawless, as much as it is seeking to follow our grand design, with God's help. The problem is that conventional Christianity sees faith as about being "good" and "bad", as "succeeding" and "failing", when it should be about extending grace (as you obviously have been) to others who cross our path. I'm less concerned about the peanuts and more concerned about your need to feel guilty about it. This isn't intended to be a wisecrack (as much as it may appear so); more a recognition that you, like me have discovered that even one's own self can not be trusted. You should celebrate this! It is in realizing one's own weakness that one can begin to turn to God, not out of a need for cheap grace, but out of an honest recognition of humanity's limitations. The more important question is, why food? I, too, have my own thorn in the flesh, and by the grace of God (through a good counselor and supportive friends), I am on a healing journey; although it doesn't always seem that way.

  3. Robyn, you are so beautiful. I truly admire your heart for women and for God. He is doing such good things through you now, and wherever it is He is taking you, He will continue to do so.


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