Saturday, April 24, 2010


In 8 hours, I will leave for a trip that took a year in the planning. I've been so focused on other things, that I haven't had the opportunity to think, or get excited.....until today. I told myself.....on Saturday, I could get excited......

Tomorrow morning...(some may actually consider it still night) I will fly to Orlando with a board member/ friend, to meet some of my dearest friends. Together on Monday, we will embark on a cruise to the Bahamas.....and to learn about crisis pregnancy, and God's love. (sometimes you have to suffer, for the betterment of your ministry)

The theme for this year's conference, is Refresh......and it is very timely. We could all use some refreshing.

I am excited to be able to work with the worship leader, Matt Day, again this year and help with worship....I am excited to go parasailing with Lori.....and am excited to role play on the deck with Donna.

I am excited to be renewed, to regain vision, and to spend more time with Jesus........and maybe shop.

And so, if I am silent, you know where I am.......sitting in a a bikini.

(okay, really that last part was just a joke.....honest)

Lori just called me from Orlando.....she got there today, and got us a is very hot.....dont wear a, did I mention it's supposed to snow here in Saskatoon tomorrow?

Hhhhmmmmm......Im trying not to smile.

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  1. That is awesome. Sounds like it will be an amazing experience all around. Enjoy!


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