Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Living Life

I've been silent for a few days. And in those days, I have taken the time , just to think, to process, to live.

I cannot begin to imagine what my dear friend Caitlin has gone through these days, and even though we share the commonality of a loss of a parent, it does not begin to compare. I got to say good bye, I got to hold his hand as he entered heaven. I am blessed for that.

And so I've been trying to figure out how to live a little differently, since Monday. How to enjoy life more. How to avoid getting caught up in the pace and expectations of life, how to not always be the over achiever, and enjoy the journey.

Yesterday I had poutine and white chocolate. That was enjoyable.

Hind sight is 20/20.....and as I look back on this year so far, it amazes how God has been teaching me the same thing over, and over again. You'd think I'm a slow learner.

First, He has been teaching me to 'lean into it.' Whatever it is, lean into it. You don't have to stand on your own all the time. Lean in.
Secondly he has been teaching me to enjoy the journey. Several years ago, I was speaking with a friend, who is 10 years younger than me. He said something to me, when I was asking him about his life....he told me that he was enjoying the journey. I chuckled to myself, and thought, bless his young little heart....get into the real world....the journey is fast, the journey is challenging.

I believe he was a wise young man. God keeps reminding me this year, to enjoy the journey. Just, let go, and enjoy the journey.

And so, that's what I will do. Wherever I go, whoever I am with for the day, I will enjoy the journey.

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