Friday, April 02, 2010

Its Friday, but Sunday's Coming

Today was a good day. An amazing service, great weather, good family, Easter egg hunt, and awesome.....although gluten filled food.

It was tonight, I snuck out to the store, I started to ponder. I heard a few times today....."It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!" And its true. For us.

There was a song about Jesus' blood playing in the car, as I drove to the store.....and my thoughts kept returning to this........"it may be Friday, and Sundays coming.......... but they didn't know it."

I am taken back to that day, the day where my Jesus hung on the cross. We cant even begin to imagine, what it would be to take the weight of the world on our blameless shoulders. We who are with blame.
I keep thinking of those who were at the foot of the cross. Those, who were watching their son, their friend, their brother, die. On that day, in that moment, they did not know that Sunday was coming.

I remember back to the day my father died. Very different, peaceful. I remember that night, as I tried to do things that would make me forget watching him take his last, watching mindless TV, laundry, whatever. It did not take away the memories of that day, and the days previous. And so, I cried. I hid my head in the pillow and sobbed. The loss was immense.

I imagine that's how they felt on this night. All hope was gone. The One they had pinned their hopes and dreams to......the one who promised them a kingdom........dead. Everything He said....was He lying? There was nothing more to live for. The one who they had been following, learning from and giving their hearts to.......dead. Finished.

"BUT JUST WAIT!!" I want to scream, "SUNDAY'S COMING!"

The same hope, that I carry, knowing I will see my dad coming. It came three days later......when the sun rose, and the Son rose......and God's plan was complete.

Sunday came, and broken hearts were mended. Sunday came and prophecies were fulfilled.

Sunday came!

So with renewed joy I say, "Its Friday, but Sunday's coming!"

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