Monday, April 05, 2010

Esther.....Get'er Done Cupcake

I read the story of Esther this afternoon. I've read it before, but I just wanted to spend a bit of time with her again. She's pretty cool.

The first thing that gets me? A year to prepare. Six months at a spa, and then makeup and perfume for another. 5 minutes for a full face of makeup and 30 if I have to straighten my hair. Occasionally perfume......(and please, I am a prissy girl, I know it)

The second thing. This girl is with a group of girls who were all brought there, hoping to be chosen by the king. Esther.........she doesn't live like she is in a harem.....she lives like she is chosen. How many of us can say that. Now I am not talking about marriage, or royal living, but how many of us live like we are waiting for God to do something, or for circumstances to change......we are in waiting. We need to be living like we are chosen. We need to live with the confidence that already have been the King.

There is much more to glean, but skipping to near the end.....reading the rest of the story, this girl....gets it done. She is not a sissy girl, who cant stand the heat.....she is the real deal, who will make the tough call, who will go out on a limb. No......'putting the bad guys in jail,' its all or nothing for her, and for them unfortunately as she orders their hanging.

And so, I hope today, I have become a little more like Esther (except for the hanging guys part, although I can think of a few right now) I will live like I am chosen. No sissy here.

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