Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Message

I visited another church today, and was profoundly moved, by the message. What, you say......a pastor, that kept your attention.....that kept you on the edge of your seat???? Do tell!

Well funny enough, the message I heard today, was not sitting in the pew, it was not preached from the was not followed by singing......or a benediction.

The message I heard today, was in, of all places, the nursery. It was about a Father, who loved His son, and a son, who although didn't understand his Father, was willing to accept his future.

My two year old nephew was sitting with the pew, and lasted a good 15 minutes, before we made our way to the nursery, where he could be 'free'

There I met a man, who I have known for several a matter of fact, I was his Young Adults leader at one time. Too bad, I didn't believe in him the way God did....because he has become an incredible man after God's own heart. We got to talking and sharing, before someone came into the nursery to encourage him with the current happenings of his life. Things are not easy right now. Things are actually pretty hard.....and when I say hard.....I mean life-altering. There is a life, hanging in the balance.
This young man, with a great future, and his beautiful wife, are expecting their second child, in two months. They have a 14 month old daughter, and they carefully planned this pregnancy, deliberately to have their children close..... 16 months apart. Only, in two months, this baby, who was planned for, and is loved, will be born, only to die. If the baby survives the birth, it is not expected to live.
Doctors encouraged her to abort, when they started to notice problems.....but she was not willing to terminate a life, that was so wanted, that was so pretend that this life never existed, when, very clearly, it does.
And so they go on with their lives, praying for the best, expecting the worst, and knowing God's hand will guide them along the way. This world is sin-filled and things happen beyond our understanding, but God continues to guide along the way.

And so over multi-grain arrowroots, and sippy cups, we talked of God's grace, and God's plan.......and God's message.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

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