Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I dont play the lottery, never really have. I was taught that it was gambling, and gambling was bad. We learned that lesson the hard way, when all of us Friesen cousins got caught playing bingo for money. Not a good scene.

So, every once in a while, I buy a ticket........not really expecting anything, but hey maybe, who knows.

Until recently. Recently I have become a gambler. There, I've said it. Apparently admitting there is a problem is the first step. Well......lately, twice a day, I am gambling.

And in that gambling, I am trying to make deals with God. "Come on God, we could really use the money. I promise to donate 10% to you....well actually to a Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Ontario. I promise I will give a lot to my brother who got laid off last week. The rest of the money will go to a worthwhile cause.....like seeing the dentist, or something worthwhile. I promise not to waste it all on shoes."

I wonder what it would be like to win a large lump of cash. It's funny, because even in my gambling.....I really don't think that God would answer my money woes by letting me win. Not sure why, just dont really think He would think that's a good lesson for me. Maybe it would increase my gambling problem. Maybe I would start to think that he is a genie in a bottle, doling out wishes. (Well if that were true, I would be slimmer)

And so, I know I will quit someday soon. Someday. (that's what they all say....I can quit anytime)
But for now.....I will continue down this slippery slope of gambling......and roll up my rim!


  1. And in the mean time...your double double or French Vanilla Cappuccino is adding to your "wish I was slimmer" woes. I know, because I'm right there with ya baby! :)

  2. Is it gambling if I would have bought the coffee without the Roll Up the Rim going on?
    Is it gambling if I buy more coffee than I normally would the rest of the year?


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