Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its the Most Wonderful time of the Year

Only 2 more sleeps.

Easter. I love it. The way people love the way I love Easter. Easter. Awesome!

If I could decorate a tree, I would....little Easter eggs and bunnies and sheep. For a person who collects sheep, Easter is prime consumer season. You can find'em everywhere.

I would decorate the yard....instead of a giant snowman or Santa 'climbing' up the side of the house, I would maybe have a big tomb, and a giant Angel.....and Jesus, all bright and shiny. And maybe a really big cross (although I may be afraid that neighbours might think I'm looking to crucify someone)................surrounded by tulips. Tulips are my favorite!

In this time of new life, and spring, how can you not have hope in your future, for your future. How can you look around at flowers blooming and baby birds chirping (although maybe not in Saskatchewan, because I think I just saw snow blow by the window)....and not see the message of the cross. The promise, that someday, I will be complete, not lacking in anything.

AND....if all thats not enough......white chocolate bunnies!

Ah, Easter.....I wish you were everyday of the year.

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