Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter....its almost over

This year was a different kind of Easter for me. Normally, this is my favorite holiday....I love it, I go to church and am a part of the big picture and eat lots of chocolate, and turkey.

This year I still enjoyed it, but I was involved in three worship services at three different churches.
So after I did my thing, either speaking or singing, I sat and listened, and something hit me very differently this year.

What was it like, to know someone who rose from the grave? I thought back to that morning, almost three years ago, when I held my fathers hand as he died. I remember the waxy colour of his skin. I remember thinking that it was over. Today, I was thinking of the disciples and the women, who did the same thing. Those who held Jesus hand after He died. Those, who prepared a grave for him. How think of this dead man; to live again.
How can one fathom that this would happen.

For me, it truly is a miracle. The miracle of life.

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