Friday, March 27, 2009

Table for One

This is a vulnerable place for me. This space, this day.
As I sit here, I am listening to some music that reminds me of the love of God. Not the father's love, but the bridegrooms love. I've been so busy lately, I have forgotten. I have been neglectful to the husband of my heart. For that I am sorry. It came to a head this week...not an ugly red irritated one, but just a reminder of love.

Today, He whispered sweet nothings into my ear. And it brings tear to my eyes.
I had an opportunity to meet someone new. And since the day I agreed that we should spend some time together, I have not had peace. I have chalked up to fear...fear of rejection, fear of change.....fear.
For a week I have lived without peace....but I ignored it, giving it the name, Fear. Finally last night we sat down and talked. The Lord, and I.
He pointed out a few things, and I pointed out a few things. I talked, He listened. He talked, and I finally took time to do some listening as well.
We came to some conclusions and agreed to revisit something in the morning.
We did, and now decisions have been made, and peace has been restored.
And I still remember those words spoken into my heart, with a still small voice....strong and steady.
And I have spent the day, inlove again.....a rekindled romance.

"For my maker is my husband, the Lord almighty is His name, the Holy One of Isreal is my redeemer....He is called the God of all the earth."

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