Friday, February 27, 2009

God's timing

In my life, I have given over to frustration with God's timing. Normally I dont like it. Normally, He doesn't move fast enough for me. God....He's a slow mover.
So now, when I can actually look back and see His timetable it can be pretty humbling. He really does have a plan. He really is in control.
Several months ago, I was ordering pamphlets and books. I didnt realize it at the time, but most of them were on abortion, and post abortion stress.
A few days after they arrived. I had a new volunteer start here at the centre. We were sitting at my desk one day, when she shared with me, her passion to work with post abortive women. I took the pile of new resources, pushed them towards her, and said, "Here, I ordered these for You."
As we have been working together these few months, it is heavy on her heart to start a post abortion support group. Because I can tend to be a procrastinator, she has continued to remind me, until I finally set up training for her in March. Last week, we took a hard look at the office, and tried to figure out how we can make this a more 'support group' friendly environment. It will entail getting some new comfy chairs, some lamps, etc. Creating a setting, a safe environment.
It funny, as I have spoken to a few other volunteers we all have the same ideas, the same vision of what it should look like. So now we are looking for chairs.
As Lorraine and I have talked, we have wondered where these people will come from. These women who need healing.
No one ever calls for post abortion counseling......until this week.
Within one week, we have had two women who want to join the support group. Amazing.
Lorraine and I both have a feeling that we will have 4 women, so two down, two to go.
If you pray, pray for this, for our counselor and for these women.


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