Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sharing my space

I dont like mice.....but apparently, they like me, or my space.
On Friday, I saw one run past me.....on his way to who knows where. Now I dont consider myself a fraidy-cat, but this unnerved me grately.

I promptly left my post, and went home. Later my mother and I went back in and set a trap. I spent the weekend, off and on, thinking of what what happening at the centre.....who was running free, who was dead.
On Monday, I cautiously entered the office, and slowly peered into the corner of the office. The trap was empty. I was happy. They must have left.....they've moved on. Later, I was told my a volunteer to check the trap, and found that all my alluring peanut butter had been licked off the trap, and the trap was still set. This means war!!
I went and bought two more traps, and set one, and within 20minutes, heard the snap. I had someone clean that up, and set another and left for the day. This morning, there was another body attached to a trap.

How much more of this can I take? Not much I hope.

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