Thursday, January 15, 2009

My mother, My Dog and My bed

As I gear up for the new year, I am planning a trip to Toronto for a confernce in April. My mother will be travelling with me.....spending a few days back home, where I was raised, then spending some time in TO with some good friends for work.

Now, if you know my mother, you may know this a snorer. Not a soft dainty snorer, but a lumberjack, chainsaw snorer.....bless her heart.

The other day, before bed, we were on the phone planning our trip. Soon after I got off the phone, Ruby and I snuggled down for the night.

A few hours later, I was dreaming that I was already in our hotel room in Toronto....because of the noise. Not the outside street noise, and sirens, but the loud, overpowering snoring that was coming from beside me. I started to wake up, and was wondering how long I would have to put up with her noise....when I realized......
I was at home, in my own bed....the snoring........Ruby.
Little, but mighty.

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