Monday, December 29, 2008

Well Christmas has come and gone, and here I sit back at work.....I have two clients coming today, so that will fill my day.

Christmas was good. Relaxing. The way Christmas should be. Ruby was happy to receive her new sweater and bone.....even though the picture does not necessarily reflect that. The other pic is of her crawling out of the blankets on Christmas morning....after some gift you can see by the wrapping stuck to her head.
It was different this year, smaller....and yet a little more fun. No offense Randalls family. It is so different with a baby in the Christmas a little more hope. Watching him whistle for the first time, play with his new toys.
My brothers set up webcams so we could see each other's family. Somehow it made it easier for me, to see them, even though we were not together, to be able to interact as we would if we were together. But...changes were in the air. Gone was Randy's favorite candied yams, and in replacement a broccoli salad.
All in all, a good week off. And now...back to work.
Have a good day.

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