Thursday, December 11, 2008

Virgin Mobile,, LG and Future Shop

So recently, I have aquired a new cel phone. An LG Rumour. It is nice and pretty and has a qwerty keyboard (which, now as I type it, I have figured out why they call it that)
I also got a memory card for it, and I am able to download music on it, and listen, like a little mp3 player. Very cool.........except................
I cant find headphones with a small enough jack, that will fit. That's okay, I am a retail survivor, I can find one.
I went to Walmart, no go, Air Source, he had no idea. He sent me to, nothing. I called Virgin mobile and they cant even get my billing right, so I dont think they can help me.
So I go to the source....LG. I email them, they tell me they dont know. I find the Canadian site, and call, and they send me to Future Shop. I call Future Shop and they send me to LG. Can someone tell me, why would you make something and mass produce it, and not have the parts to go with it?

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