Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Mom......

The past two nights, have been different than the ordinary. I have taken on a temporary role of mom, or at least really cuddly aunty.
My brother has had back problems for the past several years, but this past weekend, his pain increased.
Monday night he spent in emergency, then back in yesterday morning. They took him into emergency surgery yesterday afternoon. The outcome? Unknown as of yet. Yesterday he couldnt feel either of his legs or feet, last night, he still couldnt feel one of them. And so we wait.....and pray.....and it has blessedly fallen to me, to take care of the 10 month old upstairs, while his father is in the hospital and his mother is supporting his father. So far, I think I am making out the best in this senario.
I am reminded of how close we are, this family. All day, waiting......for news, for information, calling, facebooking each other, supporting, praying. All else stops when something happens to one of us, and we do what we can.
And so, if you are a prayer, pray for my brother, his wife and son and for us to have peace about what the future will hold.

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