Friday, November 07, 2008

Its been a week.

This week has been a one of reflection, and surrender.

For the past few weeks, sleep has not come easy for me. I have laid in bed every night with a sense of un-peace. I dont know how else to describe it.
So I entered the weekend conference with my guard up, not sure what to expect. And what I received, I should have known.
It wasnt the amazing, life changing conference that I go to each year. It was a not so subtle reminder from God, to get my house in order. Its not that I am being bad, or rebelling.....I am just not working towards my future, the future God has called me to. I have become lazy, comfortable in my surroundings. And in my comfort, I have started to expect God to do all the I sit back and wait. Apparently, He didnt have the same idea of the future.
And so, I was gently rebuked into understanding my job in this big picture.
Now most people have an inner compass to guide them..... I guess you could call it the holy spirit. I also have an outer compass....named Jackie.
Its funny how, I finish working thru stuff with God, and in my human mind try to figure out how much I actually have to do, when the phone rings, and its Jackie, giving me the same message as God has been trying to speak to me....just incase I wasnt getting it. And word for word, she utters the same words that God has laid upon my heart. And I know............
And so this week, has been about re-establishing priorities and obedience.
I am really starting to wonder what the future holds.

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