Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Jeff

Well today, is my brother Jeff's birthday.

And for his birthday......I wanted to get him something special....for him and his son to share......so I went on ebay to look for one of his favorite childhood toys.......Big Jeff. Now I looked and looked, but I couldnt find the one he had. His was Camper Jeff, came complete with facial hair stickers, for after he had been in the wilderness for some time.

And so, he has to be happy with the Ginger Beer and cashews that I got him

On a side note.....I found something very special to me....my old best friend. Thumbelina.....did anyone else ever have her? I got her twice, because he wrecked my first one.

And I assume that she was much cheaper then, as now, she retails for $78 USD

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