Friday, November 21, 2008 orange

Well, there are 45 minutes left of my 37th birthday...and so far, it was a good one.

It was a great day, I received three bouquets of flowers, very nice. A great pair of earrings....and an orange winter jacket.

Last sunday, I was on my way to church when I noticed there was a snowstorm inside my car. Apparently I had burned a large hole in the sleeve of my downfilled jacket, and I was in effect, being tarred and feathered (minus the tar) in my own car.

By the time I got to church, I looked like I was molting, and heard a few comments to confirm my suspicions. So after church, I went to Value Village and Old Navy to look for a new coat. I did not find one.

As the day passed, I decided that I wanted an orange puffy jacket. I dont know why, it was just my hearts desire. So I prayed.

On Tuesday I went to superstore to buy something for my brother and there was an orange puffy jacket there, WOW....but, not my size.

It stayed on my mind the rest of the day, apparently I shared the news with a friend of mine. That night, I prayed and got my mom to pray that if I was supposed to have that orange puffy jacket, that I could go to the other Superstore the next morning and there it would be.

And so, after much prayer, I went and saw that they didnt have my size or any size near my size.

Hhhhmmmm.....okay, no jacket on Wednesday.

The rest of the week, I have been wondering where and when God is going to pull my new winter jacket out........waiting in anticipation to see what He has for me.

Today, my two good friends (and centre volunteers) came to see me at work. One brought me a big bunch of orange gerber daisies. Orange.

Later, when the other one got there, they presented the second part of my new orange puffy winter jacket, in the right size, to match my flowers.

God is good, and so are Tanya and Shannon.

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