Friday, October 10, 2008

When I grow up.........................

When I grow up, I want to be a Gideon.

Last night, I had to speak at a monthly Gideons meeting. Not knowing what to expect, I put on my best dress slacks and turtleneck, and headed out.

I arrived a bit early, and so I sat beside the woman who had asked me to come and speak. There was a man doing a powerpoint presentation on a the annual conference he had just been to. I found it very informative, he listed all the songs they sang at the conference as well as outlined all the speakers and every point of every message spoke. It was almost as good as being there.

After his report was done, we broke into mens and womens group, and proceeded with our own little meeting. I got to talk about the Centre, and they were very impressed. They have decided to make gift baskets for the women who are pregnant, and add a new testament. I am very impressed.

After a time of prayer, we gathered together once again, male and female for lunch. As I stood up, I was swept away by two elderly women grabbing each one of my hands and making a large circle. "Oh, good, a game. Are we playing Red Rover?"
"No," my sidekick giggled, "we are singing Blessed be the Tie that Binds"
And so we sang. Then a lovely lunch was served of fruit bread, cheese and coffee cake. Us women sat together, and the men sat together once again.
I was very blessed to be a part of the evening, and the hospitality was overflowing, especially by the one women who came and greeted me three separate times, like we had never met.
I even was able to confide in one woman. "I'm only here to check out the guys," I admitted. She continued to giggle, and tell me that there were no widower's there that nite.
And so I came home, blessed by the experience and vowing to do more to encourage people to become Gideons.

Did I mention there was no one other than myself under 70?

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