Thursday, October 09, 2008

Spagetti Squash

So, my summer leg 'incident' and changing jobs this past year has resulted in a few changes in my of them, excess weight.
Now I know this has been happening.....and so finally, frustration has given way to change....and I am learning to adapt.
This is where the spagetti squash comes in. In an attempt to try new things, yesterday, I bought a spagetti squash. (very low in calories, 0 points for your weight watchers people)
Now for those of you who are familiar with the squash movement, bless your hearts, but for those like me, squash virgins, I needed some help.
I went to my upstairs sister, cuz she knows how to make anything ....and she told me how to make it. She gave advice on adding parmasean, but since I didnt have any, I called my cousin.

And she said," Okay, first you have to put bacon drippings in there, then....what kind of cheese do you have in your house?" Okay, thanks Gwen, you are defeating the purpose.

So I settled for baking it with onions and season salt.....and, not bad.
More importantly, I have just reached my 2.5 week mark, and am down 10 lbs....only 40 more to go.

Today I will make more spagetti squash and have it with spagetti sauce and pick up some parmasean on the way home.

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