Friday, October 24, 2008

Pride goes before a fall...or Little is much, when I am in them.

A couple of months ago, I received a pair of pants that were from my sister-in-law's sister. They looked new, but, alas, they were too small. I could not get them on.

These jeans have become incentive for me. I am singing in a large womens conference next wkd, and it was my desire, to wear these jeans on the Friday night event. I have been working ever so diligently exercising and eating 'healthy' and on Wed nite, I gave them a try.....bless my heart, they fit! Yey! Hooray! Look at me!! Okay, well actually they were kinda tight, but I could get them done up and that was the goal.
Last night I was having dinner with some new friends, and was aiming to look my best. "Oh" I said to my self, "wear your jeans." (you know I had a smirk on my face when I said it) So yesterday after I closed the office, I proceeded to change into my ultra trendy outfit, including the jeans. I got'em on. I did'em up....I bent over to pick my socks up off the floor, and ......wait for it................ ripped the entire zipper open. So here I stand with a giant wide mouth frog hole in the front of my pants....."Lord, what are you trying to teach me here!!!??? This dinner is important to me! Jesus help me find a pair of pants!"
And so I did what every desperate woman would do in my situation.......I went and started rifling through the maternity clothes in the Centre's clothes closet. I found a pair, that was a size medium, not quite my size yet, so I held them in my hands and offered them up for the Lord's blessing.....and maybe a bit of praying that He would shrink my butt.
They fit!, a little snug, but okay.
So there I went on my way, trendy once maternity jeans.

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