Friday, September 26, 2008


This year I am singing in a worship band for a large womens conference in our city. It is awesome, and I would recommend any woman attend....definitely life changing.

Last night we had a worship night for the volunteers involved. The night ended with different women from the community praying.
It was a cool evening. The last woman to pray, was a pastor in our city. She is a different nationality by birth, but has lived here for over 30 years. I didnt know her, but was drawn to her, her spirit.
As she prayed, she surprised me with a word she used. At one point and time, she called God....Sir. Sir. Boy, that's something we dont do often. And as I stood there, I pondered our respect, or lack of it, for God.
Yeah, we love Him, we have a personal relationship with Him, but how many times, do I forget the respect He commands and deserves.
Just a little pondering from me, as I learn to respect our God.

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