Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In loving Memory

It is with a sad heart, that today Goldie Peters was laid to rest. Her early demise came as a shock to her new family. Goldie came to live with the Peter's yesterday after a birthday party, in which she was the entertainment. She had performed in goldfish races at Monday's festivities, and came home a winner to live with Nicolas.
Today, they found her, belly up. At this time they are unsure of fowl play, although it seems a bit fishy, that she didn't even last 24 hours in her new home.
She was laid to rest this evening in the yard, the service officiated by Mr. and Mrs. Peters. She is survived by the Peter's family, as well as Miss Piggy the family guinea pig. She will be missed.
Swim on little Goldie, swim on.

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