Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loaves and Fishes, Bills and Soup

It has been a long day. A long day of learning once again, the greatness of God.

This morning started out fine, but quickly got discouraging. I was going over my finances, and quickly found that by the end of the month, I would be a few hundred dollars short once again. Now I am learning to be frugal, and this is an area of great challenge for me, but with some unexpected bills, I have gotten behind. I had no where left to go.

And so I sat, in the corner chair in my office. The big blue one, that I curl up in to read. With my Bible on my lap, in total desperation, I prayed. "Okay God, you gotta help me out here. I am outta ideas, I have no other options." And then, because I have been struggling with job security (because of my own insecurities) I added, " If this is where you want me, then you gotta help me out."

I sat in the quietness awhile, when the phone rang. It was a young friend, who wanted to return a pair of shoes I had lent her. She was going to stop by the office.
She came, bearing a coffee, a pair of shoes and a cheque, enough to cover my expenses and get me out of the hole. I was shocked, and recognized the hand of God.

The day passed, and I finally got home. I set about to make a big batch of soup, to bring to work for lunches. The house was a mess, but aleast my bills would be paid.
As the soup simmered, the phone rang. Another friend, and could she stop by for a minute. I said yes, always insecure, wondering what she wanted. I was in my p.j.s, soup was simmering, when she knocked.
She came in and handed me an envelope of money. God had been calling her to do it for some time but she had been busy.
He called her again tonight.
After she left, I humbly was mulling over the fact that God wants so much more for me than to just scrape by. I was dishing out my soup into containers freeze; and funny, dont you know, that the soup that usually gives me 9-10 lunches, gave me 14.

Loaves and fishes, bills and soup.

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