Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How I extended my vacation time in one easy step.

Okay, really it was more of a jump, than a step.

So....Sunday evening, 14 hours before I am due back at work from my vacation....I took a fatal step...jump.

I was working out with my sis in law in the basement, when we were dancing to the video, and I took a jump left.

Unfortunately my knee was not ready for the jump....after dislocating my knee cap and hearing all sorts of snapping crackling and popping (no Heidi was not eating cereal) I landed screaming on the floor.

She having some training, kept her head about her, as I writhed and screamed continually. Even Ruby came to lick my nose.....bless her heart.

They loaded me up in the SUV and went to the hosptial where I was fed nice intravenous drugs and was not enjoying shock.

After I was x-rayed, the Dr. confirmed that the knee itself was not broken, but the swelling was too great to properly examine the tendons and such. And so, I am home for another week from work (actually, I am working from home) and fitted with a split that sits below my hip and ends above my ankle. (Attractive, I know)
I will see my dr. on friday to assess the damage and see if another surgery is necessary at this time, or I will just wait to get a whole new knee.

So, think of me, as I lay in bed, dizzy from all the medication I am on and you are more than welcome to say a prayer.

At least Ruby is still licking my nose!!

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