Monday, June 02, 2008

My Grandpa's Bible

Well another stepping stone out of the way. Yesterday I preached my first sermon.
I wasnt really nervous once I got up there, it was just the writing of the sermon that I worried about.
But the congregation was gracious and they laughed at all my jokes, and amen'ed at all the right places. Good thing my first preaching was at a penecostal church....the amen's are good encouragement.
My mom came, and one of my volunteers, and it was good. These people are people of God.

The Bible. When my grandpa died, I got his Bible. He was a preacher and an evangelist...well known in his field. As I walked up to the pulpit, I had my grandfather's bible with me. I didnt think much about it at the time, I figured my pink or sparkle purple bible may not be suitable for a sermon, so I brought the black, worn one. It is the easiest one for me to read, and because most of it is highlighted already, I can tell which parts my grampa liked.
Kinda a legacy, bringing that book with me that day.....and it kinda reminds me that even though Grampa is in Heaven, God's word still lives on.

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