Friday, May 02, 2008

Gods Hand? I think so......

So I had a new client come in on Monday. She just turned 15. She had taken a pregnancy test at home and it was positive. Someone told her about us.
She sat there, quiet, nervous.......with not a great home life to speak of. After some discussion and another positive test result, we decided that she should see her family doctor for confirmation. I asked her who her family doctor was, but she didnt know. She promised to find out and call or text me by friday.
Today is Friday.
It was about lunch time, I started thinking about her. I took my cell phone out of my purse and put it on my desk, and turned to go and dig in her file for her phone number. At that moment, my phone rang. It was her.
She gave me her Dr.s name, and much to my surprise and thankfulness, it is also my doctor. And if that isnt a great enough answer to prayer (that I hadn't prayed for yet) I have an appointment with the Dr. an hour and a half before her appointment.

Talk about divine appointment!!

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