Thursday, May 29, 2008

8.5 hours and counting

Well here I sit.
I could be working, but I forgot the most important paper at home, so I am waiting for my wonderful sis-in-law to bring it.
I am sitting here, drinking crappy coffee out of my new favorite mug thinking about tonights wardrobe.
It has been a fiasco.
I have gained weight, and along with my weight gain, there has been a decrease in self confidence, as most women can attest to.
Not feeling good about myself, (and actually crying most of Monday) my mother took me shopping for an outfit.
Now I love my mummy more than ever, but we do differ in taste. So after 2 malls, we found something for tonight that was passable.
I took it home.
I hated it. I cried more.
I went to Zellers the next day and found a skirt and top. It was okay, better than the last. I brought it home.
Its okay, I'm having second thoughts.
Yesterday I went to value village and found a dress for $9.99. So far this is it. The one. And so, after much debate and returning, I believe I have found an outfit.
(unless the dress my mother ordered from Sears for me arrives before this evening)

And so is the life of being an insecure, over-tired girl.

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