Wednesday, May 28, 2008

31 Hours and counting

Well, in 31hours I will host my first ever dessert night and silent auction as the ED of the Crisis Pregnancy Centre.
I have gone blindly in to this function, not knowing what I was doing. Actually for the first couple of months, I tried to ignore it, like it was some kinda bad dream, and it would actually go away.
I tried and tried to get someone famous to come, nothing outlandish, like brad Pitt, but maybe a roughrider or something. But that didnt work. I thought about getting some kinda comedian or singer or someone well known, but that didnt work.
In anger, I went to God, and suggested maybe He could help me out a little bit on the celebrity side. "I want someone Big!!" I said.
"I'm Big, you got me! You don't need anyone else." was His reply.
And so, after being put in my place, I stopped pursuing that angle and focused on the silent auction items.
I had a commitee to help, but as life happened, it seemed that it quickly fell apart.

And so, tomorrow is the day, where we see if I pass or fail. If I have forgotten anything big, or if things will run smoothly.
If you happen to be a prayer, say one for me. If you want a ticket call me before 5pm today.

I will keep you posted.

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