Monday, April 28, 2008

Ronald McDonald.....Alive and Well in Abbotsford, BC

I was away last week. A conference in Vancouver. I ended up going a day early, to spend time with a dear friend. She is one of those who can tell when your are lying about how you "really are." She has a heart for God, and a heart for me...and can continue to encourage me in the way I should go.

So, we spent a wonderful time together doing our favorite things....Ikea and Whitespot and napping.

The next morning, she dropped me off at the bus depot on her way to a staff meeting.

As I sat there quietly reflecting, I heard a bus arrive and the door open. I looked up and much to my surprise....someone resembling Ronald McDonald entered the building. She was an old woman, who was very proud of herself for dying her own hair.....

When she sat down, I pretended I was making a call...and took a pic....pretty nice hey?

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