Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How do you fire someone who you are helping?

I remember very clearly, a conversation I had with my brother several years ago. We were sitting in a food court in a mall. I was in my retail prime, and he was called to be a pastor. We talked about the difference and similarities in our jobs. I remember how we talked about coaching and leading people and what it looked liked for each of us. After some thought, I told him my job was easier, because even though we could coach people the same way, in the end the result was different. If my people didnt change their behaviors, I could fire them. With him, he could coach and lead and in the end, it was still their choice to change or remain the same.....and he......would have to continue to coach and lead them anyway. It was a frustrating part of his job. I have begun to understand what that feels like.

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