Monday, April 07, 2008

And so He speaks..................................

If you live in Saskatoon, or attend my church, you already have heard the tragic story of a family in our midst.
On Wed, April 2, there was an accident in Saskatoon. Actually there were several that day, but one hits a bit closer to home. A friend was driving home, with two of her younger children, Mark-3, and Rebekah-5. She was broadsided by someone going too fast, and when it was over, she and Rebekah had scratches and bruises. But Mark was not so lucky. The truck hit on his side of the van, and he is currently still in critical condition in the hospital. He has head trama and has been in a drug induced coma since Wednesday. We do not know what the future holds. Now Mark is the kid who we all know, who is obsessed with being a cowboy. He owns the hat and the boots and is rarely seen without them. His dad calls him Hambone.
His parents, Greg and Sandra have kept the vigil since Wednesday.
I have interacted with these people on a regular basis, although they are closer to my brother. Greg and Jeff went to college together. The memory however that sticks out in my mind very clearly, is the day we buried my father. It is a tradition that we shovel the dirt over the coffin. It was started by the four of us children, but as we tired, I remember Greg working harder than most, to help us bury our dad.
And so yesterday, as I knelt in church, in worship, I finally felt God speaking. "Go to the hospital and pray for Mark." I felt weird, thinking I should leave the service and go there. But I finally decided to do just that. I whispered to my friend beside me, who and been sensing the same thing for a while and was also trying to ignore it. So, as the worship leader prayed, we snuck out of church and made our way to the hospital. I didnt want to really be an outloud prayer. I wanted to find a corner and sneak pray for a while. Such was not the case. We walked into the waiting room, to find the family together. And so ,we and Mark's parents, gathered in prayer. And God was there. Shortly after we finished, another family from church showed up, so we gathered in prayer again. So is the body of Christ.
And so, now, that you have finished reading this, say a quick prayer for Mark......the cowboy.

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