Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesus in my purses

In an attempt to connect with God in different ways, I have begun to explore things I never thought of.
I have started to listen to the New Testament on cd's, spoken in dramatic voices. I believe that Mary Magdeline is spoken by Marisa Tomei.
I have started to do Praise Moves, a Christian alternative to Yoga. Its actually really cool. You do yoga, (but the postures are called Christian reed, and mount Zion) And as you hold the postures, they read scripture for you to meditate on. Sounds hokey, but a nice way to dwell on scripture.
On Saturday, my mom sent over a magazine that had a pattern to sew summer bag with old pillow cases. At first, I thought, dumb. But I made one, and quickly became addicted to the sense of accomplishment in the cool, beautiful bags I began to create.....and understood a new that this creativity that I take for granted when I sew something, or design something, comes from God. Its kinda a new way of being filled. So if you find yourself receiving a purse/ bag from me, just know that I was creating with God. (I have already made 9, in two evenings!)

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