Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter has always been my favorite holiday. To me, it represents the beginning of my new year. It is the time I reflect on the past, and look to the future. It is about new life, and God's promises.
This year is no different. New life, changes, and the promises of God. It seems different this year. I am not so much about looking forward anymore. I more about living in the moment. Taking each day as it comes. Getting to the end of the day in one piece.
I have been thinking of the voice of God. Last night I begged Him to speak to me, and yet, silence is what I got. Silence, and eventually peace.
God used to talk to me a lot. He would whisper secrets to me, keeping me in His confidence....but over time, not everything He promised, came to pass. At first I thought it was me, and my confidence waned. I have lost the confidence I once had in the voice.
I was encouraged last week to talk to someone who had shared the same experience. So maybe its not just me. Maybe I am not the total Christian screw-up I think I am.
And so for me, right now, I guess I will be okay, to not hear the voice. I will be content with the peace.

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