Thursday, January 10, 2008

The British and their panties

Recently,I taken to watching a show. It is from England. It is not a comedy.
Here in Canada, it is on after midnight, and the name of the show is "How to Look Good Naked."
The host of the show, a flamboyantly gay man, takes women who have confidence issues, and transforms her in to a confident, body-baring individual. These are average size women.....not sticks. On one particular episode, he took a giant picture of a woman (size 16) and hung it from the top of a building. He then had the woman with him as he asked passers-by their opinion. Their answers were much more encouraging than I expected. The goal of the program, is to by the end of the show, have her confidence increased to the point that she would pose for nude or nearly nude photos and be a part of a lingerie fashion show.
I gotta say. Where do these people get their nerve. You can't be that self-conscience if you are willing to go on national tv in your bra and panties.
And how, does a skinny gay man, know which are the best 'foundation garments' for you?

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